Former Irish PM Albert Reynolds dies
Ireland's former prime minister Albert Reynolds, who played a key role in advancing the Northern Ireland peace process, dies aged 81.

UKIP pledges to cut income taxes
UKIP sets out details of the taxation strategy that will be part of its manifesto in next year's general election.

Labour to 'remove' bad energy firms
Labour pledges to give a new regulator the power to remove energy firms' licences, if it wins the next election.

West Midlands PCC election under way
Voting in the by-election for a new West Midlands police and crime commissioner is under way.

Public finances show £239m deficit
Government finances show an unexpected deficit in July for the second year running, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics.

Osborne under fire over Co-op deal
MPs demand details from Chancellor about possible political pressure over failed Co-op plan to buy 623 Lloyds branches.

GCSE grades rise, but fall in English
Hundreds of thousands of pupils are receiving their GCSE grades, with an overall rise in results despite changes to the exam system

PM condemns journalist's beheading
The beheading of a US journalist by Islamic State militants was "shocking and depraved", says Prime Minister David Cameron.

DWP defends staff referendum advice
A Whitehall department denies advising its staff to vote "No" in the Scottish independence referendum.

Bercow's choice set to get top job
Speaker John Bercow's choice to take over as Parliament's most senior official is almost certain to get the job, despite protests.

Lib Dems 'changed' since Rennard row
Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg says the "party has changed" after Lord Rennard has his membership restored and disciplinary measures are dropped.

Police need NCA 'expertise' - Ford
The Justice Minister says allowing the National Crime Agency (NCA) to operate in Northern Ireland would help police tackle human trafficking.

A tour of the Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont.

Last debate at Holyrood before vote
Members of the Scottish parliament debate the country's future, ahead of the referendum on independence.

BBC Democracy Live takes you on a tour of the Scottish Parliament.

Wales' GCSE pupils close UK gap
Tens of thousands of pupils receive their GCSE results with Wales continuing to close the gap with the rest of the UK in achieving top grades.

A guide to the National Assembly for Wales.

Can Boris-style mayors boost north?
There are calls for the government to look again at the prospect of introducing directly elected mayors to more English cities.

Breast cancer drug stand-off warning
Why will a £90,000-a-year breast cancer drug seen as "too expensive" for the NHS still be available to patients?

Political editors across England
Political analysis from around England

VIDEO: House of Commons
Israel's response to rocket attacks must be "proportionate", insists a minister.

Q&A: Beginner's guide to PM's speech
David Cameron delivers his long-awaited speech on the UK's relations with the EU. Here's an at-a-glance guide.

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Who's who: Cameron's cabinet
Here's a full list of who is doing what job in David Cameron's new cabinet

Ed Miliband's shadow cabinet
The details of Labour leader Ed Miliband's shadow cabinet following the recent reshuffle.

European Parliaments online
Links to other Parliamentary broadcasters

VIDEO: Salmond defends oil predictions
Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond, has defended the Scottish government's estimates of oil reserves, after a warning yesterday from a leading industry figure.

VIDEO: Major's tribute to NI peace partner
Former British premier John Major pays tribute to the role in the Northern Ireland peace process of the Republic of Ireland's former prime minister Albert Reynolds, who has died at the age of 81.

VIDEO: David Cameron condemns Foley killing
Prime Minister David Cameron has condemned the killing of journalist James Foley by an Islamic State militant, allegedly from Britain.

VIDEO: How Scotsman pub became St George
Has the Scottish referendum debate led England to consider its position within the Union?

AUDIO: Rennard accuser on party 'fudge'
One of the women who accused Lord Rennard of harassment said she is "flabbergasted but really not that surprised" that his membership suspension has been lifted.

VIDEO: Farage offers couple 'mega apology'
UKIP leader Nigel Farage has visited a Thai constituent to apologise after one of the party's MEPs described her as a "ting tong from somewhere".

VIDEO: Former Irish PM Albert Reynolds dies
Ireland's former prime minister Albert Reynolds has died at the age of 81. BBC News NI takes a look back at his life.

AUDIO: Vaz slams e-Borders 'catastrophe'
The chair of the Commons Home Affairs committee has described as "catastrophic" a £224m fine imposed on the Home Office after it illegally ended a contract with a major US corporation brought in to modernise the UK's immigration controls.

What shapes the UK response to IS?
Ben Wright on why UK response to Syria is influenced by Iraq war

Obituary: Albert Reynolds
Self-made businessman who became Ireland's prime minister

What's the PM's next move on Iraq?
David Cameron discusses his next moves on Iraq

Why Wales will make its own mind up on independence
Why Wales will make its own mind up on independence

Thatcher's chemistry with Hodgkin
How Thatcher stayed friends with her leftwing teacher

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